100, 000 Nigerian youths to receive free training on Forex trade

100, 000 Nigerian youths to receive free training on Forex trade


By: Nsa Gill

A Nigeria-based new generation company with international branches in America and United Kigndom; named ActiveCode Business hub has offered to train no fewer than 100,000 youths who are interested in Forex trade and learning the gains thereof.

The training will last for eight weeks beginning on the second week of September 2020 with training classes holding both online and physically.

The training is categorized into regular and executive classes. The regular class is totally free while the executive class session would require a token in payment.

The class contents are the same for both the regular and the executive classes, what makes the difference is the token in payment attached to the executive class.

Speaking on the training initiative, the Managing Director of Active Code Business Hub, Theophilus Ogumbe explained to our reporter in Calabar that timing for the class sessions chosen by the executive trainee to his convenience is what attracts the payment.

“You may not have time during the regular class session and you need your class time at your convenience, hence the payment”.

ActiveCode MD noted that the idea behind the training was simply to empower youths like him out of the poverty bracket with profitable knowledge in Forex trading.

His words, “the Covid-19 pandemic has cause a lot of damage and a lot of persons are looking for means of having additional source of income. That’s why we are preaching the gospel of Forex trading”.

“It doesn’t stop you from doing your job, it doesn’t require any degree. I have students who passed through our school and today they are impacting on the society, they doing a lot of social responsibility projects and they are building career for themselves.”

“I am a Mathematician, but it is not mathematics that is giving me food to eat. I have been in this business for eight years. I have had events in Port Harcourt, in Abuja, Lagos, Enugu and here in Calabar, filled with masses. Over the years I have trained over 7,000 persons in Forex trading. We have the team and expatriates in Active Code, we have the professionals, and we need to educate the society on the need to diversify'.

” When you visit our company website: www.activecodehub.com/careers, you will learn more about our services and our passion to train people to gain financial freedom.'

Asked if the concept and idea is not what people see as cybercrime, he said, “Active code hub is a Forex training and trading institute. What we do here basically is that we make sure we offer the appropriate training on Forex trading. A lot of persons venture into Forex trading in an unprofessional way, not knowing that Forex trading is a skill, it’s not a get rich quick system and it’s not a money doubling system.'

“If it was, the banks wouldn’t have been involved, the big names such as Donald Triumph, Warren Buffet and those great leaders wouldn’t have been involved."

Adding, “the foreign exchange market is broad that is why Active Code Business Hub is coming to educate the public on the proper use of Forex trading to leverage themselves from the harsh economic situation we are right now".

“In Forex market we have Stocks, indices, commodities and we have currencies. So, I can sit here and take advantage of the Canadian market, the Japanese market, the European markets without necessarily being in those countries and it’s purely legal.”

“Forex trading like every other business, the more money you have the more you have leverage to take good position. The good think about Forex is that there is no limit, you can start with what so ever you have even if its $100 and with that you commence trade and you’re making $5-$10 a day it is fine, don’t try to double that money in a day because it will increase your risk. You apply what we call maximum risk management. You can determine what you want to gain or lose; that’s the good thing about forex trading, it’s all dependent on you. That why I always preach to my students not to be greedy, minimize your risk. You know even in physical business, the more money you have the more leverage you have.”

"People are beginning to accept the reality, Bitcoin is under Crypto currency. Let me explain so that you can understand, for instance Active code now generate a coin called activecoin and I sold this coin to 10 people at the rate of ten thousand naira each, then I started opening a lot of branches and students are coming in, now those students need to go and buy those coins to use it to come and pay school fees in Active code. Definitely, people will need those coins to pay for one services or the other in Active Code, meanwhile, some persons that got the coins will withheld theirs and sell at higher price than the bou'ght. So the value of those coins will increase because the demand is also increased. So you can generate your coin and put the features you want that coin to meet.

Also speaking, the Director Branding and Marketing, Kelvin Akparanta, said the foreign exchange market and digital marketing with ICT still remained largely unexplored in Nigeria and stating that it's the new oil.

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